marking & engraving

marking & engraving

Powering Precision Marking,
Deep/Fine Engraving Applications

  • deployed in broad range of marking and engraving applications
  • extensive offering: IR, green and UV; Q-switched, MOPA and CW
  • high quality, fast and cost-effective solution
  • compact, maintenance-free operation

Marking & Engraving

Laser marking is widely used for small-, medium- and large-scale part marking, identification and traceability in a rapid, flexible process. Patterns include texts, 2D barcodes/data matrices, logos, bitmaps or any geometric shape. Spectra-Physics extensive portfolio of Q-Switched, MOPA and CW lasers in IR, green and UV cover a broad range of marking requirements. Combined with compact design and maintenance-free operation, these diverse capabilities make Spectra-Physics’ fiber and DPSS lasers highly attractive for laser marking applications.

Laser engraving provides significant advantages in terms of engraving flexibility, depth, surface finishing and “marking” size. These are some of the key parameters that distinguish laser engraving from alternative engraving or marking technologies. With Spectra-Physics’ VGEN-QS fiber lasers, high-quality and speed engraving can be achieved for various materials – bare and coated metal, ceramics, glass and polymers – and in a broad range of industries such as jewelry, fine art/printing modeling (2D and cylinder), electronics, automotive, and others.

Marking & Engraving Applications

Metals, plastics
Deep / fine engraving
Metals, polymers, ceramics, glass
Exceptional functionality pulse-on-demand (POD) MOPA fiber laser
Pulsed green fiber lasers (532 nm)

Lasers for Marking & Engraving

ProductTypePulse WidthPowerWavelength
Pulsed green fiber lasers (532 nm)
Fiber <1 to >20 ns 10–30 W 532 nm  
Pulse-on-Demand MOPA fiber lasers
2–250 ns 20–50 W 1060–1080 nm  
Explorer One
Compact air cooled high power UV ns laser
Q-Switched 5-15 ns, <12 ns, <15 ns 01.1-0.5 W, 2 W, 4 W, 5 W 349, 355, 532 nm