PCB manufacturing

PCB manufacturing


  • powering critical PCB apps: cutting, drilling, LDI, trimming, repair, marking etc.
  • proven in demanding volume production
  • driving highest throughput
  • delivering disruptive cost-performance

PCB Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics is a leading supplier of lasers for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and microelectronics packaging. Our lasers are proven in a wide range of PCB applications including cutting, depaneling, via hole drilling, direct imaging, trimming, repair and marking. With thousands of lasers deployed in demanding PCB applications, Spectra-Physics delivers a broad portfolio of highly reliable, cost-effective lasers backed by our industry-leading global support organization.

So please contact our experts to discuss your laser application needs and challenges. Let’s work together to solve them.

Cutting, profiling
Rigid PCB, flex PCB
Via drilling
Rigid PCB, flex PCB
Rigid PCB, flex PCB, ceramic
Rigid PCB, flex PCB
Resistors, inductors, ceramic
Laser direct imaging
Photo resist
Epoxy, solder
High density interconnect (HDI), ceramic
Package singulation
Mold compound
Disruptive cost-performance UV and green lasers
Highest power hybrid fiber laser with TimeShift pulse flexibility for high speed, quality micromachining
Pulsed green fiber lasers (532 nm)

Lasers for PCB Manufacturing

Highest power hybrid fiber laser with TimeShift pulse flexibility for high speed, quality micromachining
Hybrid Fiber Laser 355, 532 nm 45–60 W,
75–95 W
Disruptive cost-performance UV and green lasers
Q-switched 355, 532 nm 6–30 W,
15–40 W
DPSS IR lasers
1064 nm 2 W  
Explorer One
Compact air cooled high power UV ns laser
349 nm, 355 nm, 532 nm 0.1-0.5 W, 2 W, 4 W, 5 W  
Setting a new standard for high-precision femtosecond machining
Ultrafast 515, 520, 1030, 1040 nm 50 W, 70 W,
100 W
Versatile game-changing picosecond laser for precision micromachining
Picosecond 1064 nm 50 W  
Mode-locked, Quasi-CW: reliable with proven longevity
Quasi-CW 355 nm 2.5 W  
Millennia eV
Highest power 532 nm pump lasers, up to 25 W
CW 532 nm 25 W  
Pulsed green fiber lasers (532 nm)
Fiber 532 nm 10–30 W  

Application Notes

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Precision Marking in Industrial Manufacturing with Pulsed UV Explorer One Lasers
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Picosecond Laser and PSO Motion Capability for Fast, Variable Speed Trajectory Processing
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Burst Machining of Copper and Stainless Steel with IceFyre® Picosecond Laser for Enhanced Material Removal Rates
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Micromachining Transparent, Brittle Materials with IceFyre Picosecond Laser
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Laser Micromachining of Heat-Sensitive Polymers Using a Femtosecond, High Power and High Energy Laser
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Ceramic Scribing Using Talon Pulsed UV and Green Lasers
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E-Track: Active Pulse Energy Control for Explorer One Lasers
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Through-Glass Via Drilling with a UV Laser Source: Temporal Pulse Tailoring for Improved Throughput and Quality
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High Power, High Repetition Rate UV Lasers for Fast Flex-PCB Processing
Cutting and Drilling PCBs with Talon
PCB Processing with Talon
Explorer Fuels Laser Marking Trend Toward Shorter Wavelengths
PCB Processing Using the Mosaic Laser
Gaussian Versus Flat-top Beam Processing
Advantages of Low-M2 Laser Processing

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