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Solar/Photovoltaics (PV) Manufacturing

Spectra-Physics is a market leader in lasers for photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing. With thousands of lasers used in PV manufacturing, Spectra-Physics lasers deliver highest reliability and cost-effectiveness for demanding 24/7 operations. Our broad portfolio of lasers for PV is used in a variety of processes for crystalline, multi-crystalline and thin-film a-Si, CdTe and CIGS PV. Our lasers are backed by our team of applications engineers and a global support organization.

So contact our experts to discuss your laser application needs and challenges. Let’s work together to solve them.

Quasar hybrid fiber laser


Unprecedented UV power (>60 W and >300 µJ) hybrid fiber laser with TimeShift pulse flexibility for fastest precision micromachining

Solar/Photovoltaics Manufacturing Applications

AR film removal
Edge isolation
Emitter wrap through (EWT)
Metal wrap through (MWT)
Laser-fired contact (LFC)
Laser groove buried contacts (LGBC)
Defect/shunt repair
P1 scribing
a-Si – ITO, AZO, GeZO, SnO2
CdTe – SnO2
CIGS – Molybdenum
P2 scribing
CdTe – CdS/CdTe, graphite
P3 scribing
a-Si – ZnO, ITO, aluminum
CdTe – Metal, aluminum, silver
CIGS – ZnO, ZnO:Al
Edge delete

Lasers for Solar/Photovoltaics

ProductTypePulse WidthPowerWavelength
Highest power hybrid fiber laser with TimeShift pulse flexibility for high speed, quality micromachining
Hybrid Fiber 2–100 ns 45–60 W, 75–95 W 355, 532 nm  
Disruptive cost-performance UV and green lasers
Q-switched 15–100 ns 6–45 W, 15–40 W 355, 532 nm  
Explorer One
Compact air cooled high power UV ns laser
5-15 ns, <12 ns,
<15 ns
1.1-0.5 W, 2 W, 4 W, 5 W 349, 355, 532 nm  
Setting a new standard for high-precision femtosecond machining
Ultrafast 400 fs 8 W, 16 W, 30 W,
70 W, 100 W
515, 520, 1030 , 1040 nm  
Versatile game-changing picosecond laser for precision micromachining
Picosecond <20 ps >50 W 1064 nm  
Pulsed green fiber lasers (532 nm)
Fiber <1 to >20 ns 10–30 W 532 nm  
IR MOPA industrial short pulse fiber lasers
2–250 ns 20–50 W 1060–1080 nm  
Millennia eV
Highest power 532 nm pump lasers, up to 25 W
CW N/A 5–25 W 532 nm  

Application Notes

application notesnew
High Quality, High Throughput Glass Processingwith the IceFyre® 1064-50 Picosecond Laser
application notesnew
Picosecond Laser Burst Machining of Silicon to Enhance Material Removal Rate and Quality
application notesnew
E-Track: Active Pulse Energy Control for Explorer One Lasers
application notes
Through-Glass Via Drilling with a UV Laser Source: Temporal Pulse Tailoring for Improved Throughput and Quality
application notes
Industrial PERC Solar Cell Processing with a High Power Nanosecond Pulsed Laser
application notes
Glass Cutting with Spirit
High Quality Precision Micromachining at 50 m/sec Scanning Speed with Quasar
Glass Cutting and Si Scribing with Quasar
Ultrashort-pulse Laser Structuring with Spirit and Spirit ps
fs Laser Irradiation and Chemical Etching (FLICE)
ITO and Ag Patterning with VGEN-ISP
Explorer Fuels Laser Marking Trend Toward Shorter Wavelengths
LED Sapphire Wafer Scribing Using 355 nm Lasers
LED Laser Scribing Brochure
Glass Cutting with UV Lasers
High Speed Laser-Dicing of Thin Silicon Wafers Using Line-Focus

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