femtosecond lasers for medical

Spectra-Physics is the preeminent supplier of femtosecond lasers for medical with thousands deployed. Spectra-Physics delivers highest reliability for dependable multi-year operation to advance precision surgery and medical device manufacturing.

Femtosecond Laser Products for Medical

ProductDescriptionPulse WidthAverage PowerPulse EnergyRep Rate
Setting a new standard for high-precision femtosecond machining
Pulse Width
<400 fs
Average Power
>100 W
>70 W
>30 W
>16 W
>8 W
Pulse Energy
>120 µJ
>70 µJ
>120 µJ
>120 µJ
>40 µJ
Rep Rate
Up to 10 MHz
Up to 10 MHz
Up to 1 MHz
Up to 1 MHz
Up to 1 MHz
Ultra-compact turn-key single wavelength femtosecond lasers
Pulse Width
<250 fs
Average Power
>1.5 W
Pulse Energy
>24 nJ
Rep Rates
63 MHz

Femtosecond Laser Applications for Medical

Refractive surgery
Cataract surgery
Presbyopia correction
IOL fabrication
Stents fabrication
Catheter hole drilling
Wire stripping
Prosthetics fabrication